Wot no fireworks

Last week saw me down in Broadstairs so I decided to stay an extra night for the firework display.  Usually there are lots of people and children walking up and down the seafront until they find the best spot.

Up by the bandstand is where I like to be.  It’s a great place to see the fireworks in all their glory as they light up the sky.

The atmosphere was electric as usual.  Everyone was in great spirits waiting for the display.  A big bonus is that it is free but it does generate a lot of income for the town on the night.  Drink, hot dogs and those bands that glow in the dark all get snapped up by the visiting hordes.

Except last Saturday there were no fireworks.  OK there was probably a very good reason why.  If only the someone who made the decision to cancel the display had also made arrangements to let everyone know.

Things run late so 15 mins after the start time people were still waiting good naturally, calming fractious children who don’t do waiting very well.

Slowly, very slowly the good humour started to change to mutterings of disbelief.

The realisation that the display was not going to happen this year started to sink in.  Parents began to drift away taking their bewildered children home.  Good will was fading fast.

Most people knew that things happen and events get cancelled.  It’s just the thoughtlessness of no information that makes them cross.

Will I and countless others bother next year.  I doubt it.

Back indoors with a hot drink to get rid of the chills I sat down and watched Adam Sandler in the film ‘Grown Ups’ which made me laugh out loud in places.

My good humour restored with laughter, hot chocolate and mince pies I just thought to myself ‘no fireworks, wot a shame’.


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