The Joy of Being in the Flow

go with the flow_1024I’m often asked how to experience the joy of being in the flow. To be fully present in each moment, rather than chasing the past or second guessing the future.

The truth is I find it difficult to know how to respond.

I know how I get into my own flow. I have a feeling that because we’re all unique it’s going to be different for each of us.

Some people find it by going into a meditative state. And while that provides a blessed state of peace for most, I’ve never mastered the art of meditation.

For me, a walking meditation is joyful. I walk by myself, letting my mind go where it wants to. As the thoughts shift, swirl and move on, my mind gradually goes into empty mode.

Whilst this is awesome to experience, it doesn’t really answer the question because mediation is being in the flow whilst meditating.

I’m trying to answer the question of being in the flow whilst awake, eyes wide open, living in the moment. To be aware of everything that’s occurring as it occurs and responding, or not, from a place of inner well-being.

I’m a normal person, which means I do a fair bit of chasing my past, as well as second-guessing my future. I drift into daydreams of what I’d do if I won the lottery, or re-live events that either worked or, didn’t!

The trouble is, both the past and the future, take me away from living moment by glorious moment. I can’t explain it very well, but there’s something about taking each moment as it happens that brings it alive in a totally different way.

Once experienced to the full it becomes addictive in a good way. You just know that this is how life is meant to be lived.

Does this mean I’m immune to all the bad stuff that happens? No, of course not.

I am not an island. With me the bad stuff, large or small, generally comes from other people. You only have to read a newspaper to see how horrible life is for some.

How I react to it is key. I don’t want to become too emotional and make an ugly situation uglier. I want to stand by their side, supporting them as they find their way through.

When I truly listen, without trying to inject my own thoughts into the matter, something magical happens and somehow solutions can be found from within their own place of inner well-being.

This is true for me. It may be different for you.

Sometimes I lack patience when I want something that seems so desirable. I waste precious moments imagining how much I want it, and what I’ll do when I have it.

Truthfully, those imaginings rarely prove to be the real deal.

Not always. Sometimes the goods deliver and my cup runneth over. Problem with stuff is that the joy is transient. It doesn’t last and the next big want is just around the corner.

I deal with all this by knowing that none of it is the real me. I am the sum of my inner well-being. When I live from my heart, from the inside-out, I remember that the only thing that every matters is the present moment.

It’s up to me whether I treasure or waste my present moments.

I stop. I breathe deeply. I remember the inner strength of my heart, of my soul and reach for the magic contained inside. The world flows and I flow with it.

Honestly, joyful moment by joyful moment is how I want to live my life. How about you?

Photo credit: Your Beautiful Life – thank you.

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