The Big Pants Saga

UnderpantsI bet all of us has a big pants saga that’s told to friends and family because it was funny at the time.  This is mine.

It’s been a week of ups and downs in terms of abundance.  A few wins as in, income growth, unexpected gifts and a sweet given lovingly from a smiling granddaughter.  The other side was being shortchanged in a shop, and returning the big pants to M&S.

I’d purchased a number of items online, one of which was a pack of men’s underpants.  Husband duly unwrapped them, said they were fine, threw away the packaging and threw them into the washing basket. An hour or so later, out they came with the rest of the washing to be hung out to dry.

Being busy, I didn’t give them too much attention.  Later when they were dry, I took them off the clothes horse and began folding them, ready for the pants drawer.  I stopped what I was doing to look at them properly for the first time.  ‘Have you seen these?’ I called out, and run downstairs with them.

‘Seen what?’ ‘These.’ I replied as I slowly unrolled the goods one end to the other, arms stretched out with giant underpants.  Then I giggled because they were gi-normous, and truly would have done the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk proud.

Being 100% cotton I thought they would have shrunk rather than grown, so I decided to return them to M&S.   No queue was a good start.  A lovely assistant listened to my tale of woe.  I asked if she would return them to the manufacturers to discover why they had grown.

She spread them out over the entire counter, and laughed with me.  ‘I’ll just get a pack off the shelf so we can see the difference’, she said and returned with package forthwith.  Opening them out she laid a pair of new pants on top of the offending pants.  To my complete horror there was no difference.  They were giant sized pants all along.

Oh the shame.  I didn’t know where to look.  Certainly not at the now long queue behind me, waiting their turn, and watching what was going on at the counter intently.  If only I’d taken the time to inspect them before they went into the wash, or before the packaging had been thrown away.

‘Do you have a charity box?’ I asked.  ‘I’m sorry to have wasted your time.’

There was an Oxfam box by the counter so I duly posted the giant pants into it, secure in the knowledge that they would fit someone, somewhere.

Wanting to strangle my husband for not examining them in the first instance, I also recognised my own part in not checking before rushing back to return.  But on the plus side, they made us laugh so much that I’m still chuckling now at the thought of them.

Abundance is a pendulum that swings both ways.  It comes in and it goes out.  The trick is not to hang onto any resentment when it goes out, as in my wanting to strangle my husband at the time.  Laugh and the world laughs with you.  Anger, on the other hand repels.

I certainly learned about the coming and goings of abundance.  For me the trick is to review and let go.  What’s your trick?

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