Chasing a Dream without doing the Work

Today I had a huge wake-up call around chasing a dream without doing the work. Talking to a friend, whom I’d met at a workshop of a well loved mentor, I was saying how much I was looking forward to his new book. Juliette commented that she didn’t trust guru’s who, in her opinion, […] Read more »

Embracing struggle

Many years ago when I first started on my own personal development I devoured Stuart Wilde’s books.  I was lucky enough to participate in one of his workshops and literally soaked up anything that he had to offer. One of my favourites is a small booklet entitled ‘life was never […] Read more »

Choosing what’s best for you

Over the years I’ve attended a varied number of workshops and training courses that I believed were essential to my growth.  I’m not alone in this as I’ve never been the only person there! The problem is back then I had no guidelines as to whether they were the right […] Read more »