Inspirational Insight for Inner Well-Being – Be the Star

‘Be the star in your own life. Be yourself.’ – Jan Marchant Life is a show ground where you get to star in your own life. You get to be the villain, the hero, the romantic, the scholar, the hermit, the list is endless. You can be generous, you can […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘Changing one small thing for the better, is worth more than proving a thousand people wrong’ – Anthony Pivec This Inspirational Insight asks you to step back and think about all the times you’ve wanted to prove that you were right and they were wrong. How much energy did it […] Read more »

Willingness is the key

Willingness to follow your heart wherever it takes you is the key to finding the destination you are looking for.  Why?  Because your heart holds the secrets of what is truly important to you.  It’s where you store the dreams that keep you going through the hard times. The heart […] Read more »