Stories in my Head

I’m a big fan of gratitude.  You know the kind of thing.  You look around you and find a reason to be grateful for what shows up.  Not always easy but always do-able.  Today I feel very grateful to my sister. Take last night.  I was feeling unhappy as I […] Read more »

Toxic thoughts

It’s a beautiful day so off I go for a walk around the perimeter of my village.  It’s early Sunday morning, no traffic, just birds singing and the occasional dog barking in the distance.  It would be my idea of heaven but for one thing. My mind is full of toxic […] Read more »

Authentic happiness

One line from an article stood out and resonated with me today.  It was ‘your happiness is the most significant contribution you can make’.  Happiness is such a vital factor in growing your well being but where do you find it? There is a coaching premise that you can ‘fake it […] Read more »

Riding the waves of unhappiness

Some days despite your best efforts it can be a blue, blue day.  I’ve had one today where for no apparent reason the waves of unhappiness washed over me.  The more I thought about it the worse I felt.  Have you been there? I felt worse because trying to figure […] Read more »