Trying to be Ethical in Today’s World

A few days ago I wrote a post for Entrepreneur Soul entitled FRAUD: F.ear R.esonating A.s U.nreasonable D.oubt.  It was about how toxic thoughts can sometimes lead to low self esteem and feelings of not being who I say I am. Of course, toxic thoughts if left alone, will drift […] Read more »

Toxic thoughts

It’s a beautiful day so off I go for a walk around the perimeter of my village.  It’s early Sunday morning, no traffic, just birds singing and the occasional dog barking in the distance.  It would be my idea of heaven but for one thing. My mind is full of toxic […] Read more »

Accepting responsibility

Here’s how the conversation went yesterday after the normal pleasantries had been given and received: ‘Guess what, I rang my sister Ruth last week as we’d planned to have a day out and now she says she has a lot on this month so doesn’t want to spend anymore money […] Read more »