An invisible web

Shelley was sitting in my garden as we sat and chatted enjoying the glorious sunshine that October had decided to share with us.  ‘Trouble is’ she commented ‘it just doesn’t feel right.  I feel as if I should be doing all the stuff that I normally do on a Sunday.’ ‘What’s that […] Read more »

Beating yourself up

Is it human nature to beat yourself up is the question I have been asking myself.  Why?  Well on Friday I had a party to go to and I had been looking forward to it since I got the invite.  But when I woke up on Friday morning I was […] Read more »

Make the decision to ‘do your don’ts’

Are you ready to make the decision to ‘do your don’ts’?  Yesterday I was in London, and whilst travelling on a bus, I noticed an advert encouraging people to ‘do the don’t’s’. What a brilliant concept.  Every time you are faced with making a decision I bet a long list […] Read more »