Where do you spend time?

Where do you spend time? Do you know that you get to choose whether you live in yesterday, today or tomorrow? Take a moment or two to consider where you spend your time, because, once it’s spent, it’s gone for good.  Time doesn’t come with a receipt to return to […] Read more »

Life Loves Me

Life loves me.  That’s quite a statement to take on board isn’t it?  And yet, it’s true for each and everyone of us.  The hard part is believing it’s true for you. Listening to Robert Holden and Michael Neill at the wonderful ‘Psycology of Miracles: Learning to Thrive in Uncertain […] Read more »

A Gift from the Universe

Today is February 29th, which means it’s a gift of an extra day from the Universe. Fantastic, what are you going to do with your gift? Here’s a few suggestions you might want to try: Spend the day at at a spa and have a pampering session (or two). What […] Read more »

Peaceful warriors & more

Recently I read Dan Millman’s book ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ which was entertaining as well as enlightening – does a book get any better than that!  I’d no sooner finished it when I came across a seminar that Dan was holding in London. Being reasonable at £65 I thought […] Read more »

Truth shifting

When I log into the admin side of this site one of my first tasks is to go to the spam filter.  There’s a whole industry out there planting comments onto any blog the spammers can reach.  It usually by people who want to sell something on the Internet and make […] Read more »

Embracing being ordinary

What’s wrong with being ordinary?  It’s defined as not being exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree.  Yet it can also be defined as the period before extraordinary where everyone has the ability to become beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable. […] Read more »


Bliss is a state of mind, did you know that? It’s an imagined place of congruence that we create when we want it. And so any experience can actually be blissful … if we surrender enough to allow ourselves to receive at that level. Wherever you are today … consider […] Read more »

Clearing wardrobes

Yesterday was the day I had marked in my diary as ‘wardrobe day’.  It was meant to be the day that I finally got to sort out my wardrobe.  To discard anything not worn and not wanted, to pack away the ‘not sures’ and free up space.  Ideally I would […] Read more »

Feeling sorry for myself

I was taking advantage of the brief spell of sunshine to walk and clear my thoughts. I find it much easier to think things through without the distractions of home or office.  That thing of putting off what you don’t want to do! I have decided to to this year differently in […] Read more »

Different strokes

I was chatting and catching up with a friend today who has tried various therapies including Life Coaching in her quest to move forward in her life.  Like many she has had a very tough time. When Caroline tried Life Coaching it was the best thing since sliced bread because […] Read more »