Choosing to Live Absolutely from Your Heart – Inspirational Insight

Choosing to live absolutely from your heart, with Divine Love as your guide, means everything is a miracle. Being open and flexible to whatever life brings you, you can deal with anything life throws your way. Anything that irritates and/or upsets you can be the miracle that alerts you to what […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well-Being – Loving Yourself

‘Loving plus valuing yourself equals deep joy that shines brightly from the depth of your being.‘ – Jan Marchant Loving yourself, valuing yourself, shifts the emphasis from others back to you. How does that feel? Are you squirming a little at the thought of being the centre of your own attention? Old, […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well Being – Aliveness

‘Let be and let love guide your path.’ – Jan Marchant Busy, busy, busy.  Life consists of rushing from A to B, then B to C etc., etc.  Does your to-ing and fro-ing treadmill actually take you to where you want to be?  No I thought not. Busyness is a symptom of […] Read more »

Miracles and Love Hearts

‘Miracles happen when love is your inspiration for living’ is a quote I wrote for my Inspirational Insights emails. As I wrote I felt a strong connection to the words, because I truly believe a miracle is a change in perception. I decided to explore when my perception had changed, whilst hoping to inspire others […] Read more »

Passing Life By and Other Regrets

It’s not that I think life’s passing me by.  It’s more like I sometimes feel as if I’m passing life by.  I don’t want to be that person who sits in my golden years with thoughts of what might have been had I not been passing life by and other regrets. Have you seen the […] Read more »

What Illusions Are You Allowing to Colour Your Dreams?

I’ll say that again – What illusions are you allowing to colour your dreams?  I’m asking because illusions appear to be the reality of life for so many people.  Dreams of what might be, what might happen, and whatever else colours the fabric of the day. I’m guilty of illusions myself.  […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘It’s hard to stay down when you breathe in love and breathe out gratitude.’ – Jan Marchant Breathing is the most natural thing you do without thinking about it. Isn’t it amazing that the simple act of breathing in followed by breathing out enables you to be you. Isn’t the […] Read more »