I Can Absorb the Loss

‘I can absorb the loss’ struck me right between the eyes, enabling me to find a path through the painful loss of friendship.  I first came across the phrase in Marianne Williamson’s new book ‘The Law of Divine Compensation’, where she writes how her father once told her not to worry, saying ‘You can absorb […] Read more »

Singing from the Heart

I’d been looking forward to it for weeks and it didn’t disappoint.  By the end of the seminar I was feeling uplifted and inspired as I left the building.  Rain still teeming down relentlessly, I fairly skipped to the underground and the tube home. Porchester Hall in London was the […] Read more »

All miracles involve a shift in perception

Marianne Williamson wrote ‘all miracles involve a shift in perception’.  The question I’m asking you today is do you believe that?  Or more precisely do you believe in miracles? The truth is that miracles occur every minute in every day.  Some of you already know this and can see it […] Read more »