Work Life Balance Online Workshops

‘Rocking Your Role’ author Jenny Garrett MA brings together seven international work life balance experts offering FREE online workshops: National Work-­‐Life Week, a Working Families campaign Five days, seven, free one-­‐hour sessions. 24 – 28 September 2012. LAUGH, BALANCE, BE WELL Do you want to? Transition quickly and effectively from your […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘There are two ways to live your life.  One as  though nothing is a miracle. The other as if  everything is a miracle.  I  choose the latter.’  –  Albert Einstein How are you living your life?  Every day has the potential for miracles to  happen. It all depends on how […] Read more »

Just knitting

Life’s strange at times isn’t it.  I lost this blog for a week, was ill at the same time and generally had one of those weeks when life literally passes you by.  I had the wonderful talented Steve Watson (see right) on the case and responding to his progress was about […] Read more »

Expectations of life

Life is full of expectations that don’t always materialise.  This can make you either as mad as hell or philosophical depending on the expectation looked for. Because this happens to most people at various times we kind of get used to it.  Following this expectations can become areas of expected […] Read more »

Life’s reflections

Isn’t the universe amazing.  Everywhere you go, if you look for it, you will find reflections of how you are living your life. Today’s tale ‘A walk in the mountains’ by an unknown author illustrates this fact perfectly.  Reflect and enjoy. A son and his father were walking in the […] Read more »

Life’s riches

What is it that you want to bring more of into your life?  What would make your life overflow with richness?  Do you even really know what it is your heart is seeking? Simple questions that are difficult to answer for a lot of people.  I’m one of them.  It’s […] Read more »

Life is good

Yesterdays Sunday Express told the wonderful inspiring story of Alice Hertz-Sommer.  At 106 year old she is the world’s oldest survivor of the Holocaust.  She is also a musician who credits her passion and talent for music with saving her life. Despite her horrendous experiences of the war Alice has always […] Read more »

Being Positive 3

Being positive is a bonus when you discover that life can be one big adventure.  You need to decide that come what may today is another adventure where you are going to live your life to the full.  Live it, love it, embrace it.  It’s one of the important choices that you get […] Read more »

Beating yourself up

Is it human nature to beat yourself up is the question I have been asking myself.  Why?  Well on Friday I had a party to go to and I had been looking forward to it since I got the invite.  But when I woke up on Friday morning I was […] Read more »