I’m in a quandary today.  I don’t know what to do next.  I’ve just completed the children’s book I’ve been working on all summer and believe me it feels really good. So here I am basking in my own smugness of finishing what I started so many months ago.  At […] Read more »

A natural dance

Recently I took the opportunity to catch up with some life coaching buddies.  So I’m sipping my coffee and just listening to the different conversations going on around me when I overheard one coach say to another  ‘I don’t know.  Yesterday I rang one of my old clients just to see […] Read more »

Whispers of the heart

Love what you do is possibly the most exciting chapter in 7 Steps to Positive Living (see right) as it asks you to savour each moment and love what you do, whatever, whenever.  It’s also challenging. It’s exciting because the thought of living each day loving every moment, doing what you love doing fills […] Read more »

The fire within

How do you light a fire?  There are many different ways from rubbing two sticks together boy scout style to flicking a switch.  They all do the trick, the only difference is the amount of elbow grease required.  The fire within you is the scale of motivation that propels you […] Read more »

Different strokes

I was chatting and catching up with a friend today who has tried various therapies including Life Coaching in her quest to move forward in her life.  Like many she has had a very tough time. When Caroline tried Life Coaching it was the best thing since sliced bread because […] Read more »

Expectations of life

Life is full of expectations that don’t always materialise.  This can make you either as mad as hell or philosophical depending on the expectation looked for. Because this happens to most people at various times we kind of get used to it.  Following this expectations can become areas of expected […] Read more »