I’m in a quandary today.  I don’t know what to do next.  I’ve just completed the children’s book I’ve been working on all summer and believe me it feels really good. So here I am basking in my own smugness of finishing what I started so many months ago.  At […] Read more »

A natural dance

Recently I took the opportunity to catch up with some life coaching buddies.  So I’m sipping my coffee and just listening to the different conversations going on around me when I overheard one coach say to another  ‘I don’t know.  Yesterday I rang one of my old clients just to see […] Read more »

Is it procratination?

‘You’re procrastinationg’ Anna told me as I gave a list of answers as to why I hadn’t progressed my latest projects – every single one of them dear to my heart.  ‘Yes I agree’ although I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with my response as we brainstormed as to why I wasn’t moving myself […] Read more »

Button pushing and gut reactions

 Button pushing and gut reactions – not a combination you see too often written down. But today I experienced that combination and wanted to share it. As a Life Enhancing Coach promoting Positive Living I do a lot of networking. I love meeting people old and new so it’s a […] Read more »

Inside Out Living

As promised here’s my experience of Jamie Smart’s seminar ‘If the Secret’s so great, where’s my Ferrari?’ that I was fortunate to be part of last weekend.  I’m still buzzing from the amazing experience that was the seminar.  Imagine being part of the year long mentoring programme and the difference to […] Read more »


It’s very exciting.  The long awaited DVDs of the Freedom Class are about to be dispatched.  I for one am waiting with baited breathe for my delivery.  The package holds the promise of greater understanding of my viral spiral site and it’s workings. Meanwhile having updated my header and footer […] Read more »