Love is the Centre of Being

It’s the truth. Love is the centre of being. Not everyone believes that to be true for them. Nevertheless, it’s true for each and every one of us. I never knew it was true for me for a long time. I thought love came with a price tag. Was something […] Read more »

Life Loves Me

Life loves me.  That’s quite a statement to take on board isn’t it?  And yet, it’s true for each and everyone of us.  The hard part is believing it’s true for you. Listening to Robert Holden and Michael Neill at the wonderful ‘Psycology of Miracles: Learning to Thrive in Uncertain […] Read more »

The ‘inside-out’ vs ‘outside-in’ paradox

At last the Christmas decorations have been taken down and put away.  The mince pies, chocolates and anything edible related to the festive season has been eaten! It’s a new year which always feels like a new start.  How strange when the actual time is spent fending off the results of over […] Read more »

Inside out living

I’ve just been reading the next instalment in Jamie Smart’s book ‘Effortless Evolution’ (which I highly recommend by the way).  Without spoiling the book for you it mentioned how things we take for granted nowadays, were once considered impossible. When I was younger and at school the idea that you’d […] Read more »

Just being me

As I sat there reading Jamie Smart’s latest installment of his book Effortless Evolution I realised that I was feeling truly happy.  No particular reason – just felt happy. And then it hit me.  Finally I’m just being me.  True to myself at last.  And that’s a massive shift. Here’s […] Read more »

Losing control

Phew what a week.  I’ve been child minding down at Broadstairs which is always great as I get to be besides the seaside for a few days every month.  Nothing like a walk by the sea to blow away the cobwebs inhabiting my mind. But did you know (or even care!) […] Read more »

The wrong focus

Oh my god I can see clearly where I have been putting my focus and to my surprise it’s not where I imagined it to be. Where is it?  It’s in all the places where I haven’t quite succeeded reaching or places I never got to.  For instance last May […] Read more »

The lost slipper

Sometimes it’s hard see the wood for the trees.  Precious time is spent looking for things that were hiding in plain sight all along.  It’s a wonderful feeling of release when you find what you were looking for. I’ve just spent the weekend at a seminar run by Jamie Smart growing my […] Read more »

Fear is just a thought

Do you know the acronym for fear?  It’s False Expectations Appearing Real and I had such an experience yesterday.  I went Christmas shopping in a very positive frame of mind.  I had a list of what I was going to buy and a budget alongside each item to keep me […] Read more »

A listening heart

Over the weekend I’ve been on a journey courtesy of British rail and British underground.  Planned work on many of the lines caused me to have a variety of different modes of transport to reach my destination. I really wanted to get there. It didn’t matter what obstacles were placed […] Read more »