If Your Mind Is Scattered, It Is Quite Powerless

The Dalai Lama said ‘If your mind is scattered, it is quite powerless.’ It’s true isn’t it. Today’s world can be a whirlwind of scattered actions. Family, work, friends, you name it, something or someone, always seems to be wanting a little piece of you. How can you think things […] Read more »

You are Worthy

Chatting with a friend who was considering changing her job, she confided that her sense of self-worth was, well, worthless. Stopping her in her tracks, thoughts of not feeling good enough, keeps her in a position she’d like to leave behind her. To be honest, self-worth is something that affects […] Read more »

What’s Your Story?

What’s your story?  I find people’s stories the best adventures in the world, and I’d like to know yours.  I usually ask friends, family or clients, ‘how’s it going?’, ‘what’s new’, or ‘tell me about yourself’, followed by getting comfortable to listen to their stories. Some stories are like action packed adventures […] Read more »

How do you fill an Empty Vessel?

How do you fill an empty vessel?  It all depends on the size of the vessel, how you intend to replenish it and what you put back into it.  But what if the empty vessel is me? Being empty feels strange.  As if something is missing, but that something isn’t revealing itself […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love. – Rumi Choices, choices, every day is a plethora of things, people, places and goodness knows what else. Each of those choice’s that pop up, can be a distraction from your heart’s desires. Life is overwhelming […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘Do not fear to be standing still, because in the stillness your Inner Wisdom shines through’ – Jan Marchant Time moves swiftly at times, and as you look back, you wonder where it went. Funny how it always seems to be the good times that fly by, leaving happy memories […] Read more »