Do You Know What You Want?

Here’s a question for you to consider; ‘Do you know what you want?’ Very few people do know what they want, and yet it’s key to living your best life possible. It’s key, because when you take the time to investigate, and uncover what you really, really want, your focus […] Read more »

Different views

Listening to the radio in the car there was a plug for Sarah Jessica Parker’s new movie.  I kinda switched off so I can’t tell you which one.  Reason being I just don’t see what others see when they rave about SJP.  In fact I’d probably be more inclined to […] Read more »

Sun and sloth

I’m slowly coming back to the land of free movement after my slip on the stairs last week and whilst I can’t touch my toesI’m definitely becoming more flexible.  The hardest movement at the moment is finding a way to get on the sun lounger and enjoy the heat rays beaming down […] Read more »