Releasing with love

Do you ever have times when niggling thoughts go around and around in your head?  You know the ones, they creep back into your consciousness the minute they find a weak link to slip through. Helen had been having moments like this for what seemd like forever but in reality it […] Read more »

Becoming confident – part 2

Becoming more confident will grow as you practice the different steps on a daily basis.  Remember in the previous post that after a while being confident will become second nature.  Only by practicing can you swap over from feeling low to a new positive natural way of being. We looked at […] Read more »

Becoming confident – part 1

Becoming confident is crucial to Positive Living.  Confidence is the key to so many things in life.  Meeting new people, facing new challenges or awkward situations become easier when you have the confidence to deal with them head on. Like every other skill you have learnt and developed you can learn […] Read more »

An attitude of gratitude

There’s a world of difference between having an attitude of gratitude and being grateful because someone has told you to be grateful.  Being told can make you feel resentful because you’re being treated as if you don’t know how to be grateful. But maybe that’s because your attitude doesn’t reflect […] Read more »