Sparkles for life

I love my sparkles 4 life blog.  I guess it’s because I can write what I like, when I like.  This blog has no agenda other than where my fancy takes me.  Sometimes it’s top when you google it , sometimes it isn’t.  What fascinates me is the diversity of […] Read more »

Committed to fear

Most people I know want to do something different.  They all have hopes and dreams of what they would like to be/do or have sometime in the future.  It’s always set sometime in the future.  Do you recognise yourself amongst the ‘future’ generation? Last week I spent a few days with a […] Read more »

Being Positive 3

Being positive is a bonus when you discover that life can be one big adventure.  You need to decide that come what may today is another adventure where you are going to live your life to the full.  Live it, love it, embrace it.  It’s one of the important choices that you get […] Read more »