What a great idea.  A pub in Romsey, Hampshire has changed it’s ‘Happy Hour’ to the ‘Grumpy Club’.  The idea is for regulars to meet up every Tuesday and take the opportunity to get stuff off their chests. 

Apparently the regulars are so fed up of the way Great Brittain is heading that they are having a good ole moan about what’s going on in Whitehall and the country in general.  Considering most people believe that nobody listens anyway it’a a fantastic way of sharing whatever is making you angry.  Beats going to the doctors when it all gets too much.  And what’s more you know you’re not alone with how you are feeling.

I’m going to try it down my local and see how it goes down.  I’ll either be feted or slated – either way a couple of glasses of wine will make it all seem much more bearable.  Cheers!


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First the Queen and now M&S feeling the pinch.  It’s starting to get scary!  According to today’s Evening Standard Marks & Spencer’s are feeling the effects of their customers tightening their belts.  As they deal with the better end of the food chain what worries me the most is that they will start to look at what ranges they can drop as they tighten their own belts.

Experience has taught me that Murphy’s Law dictates that the very product that you want to buy, have anticipated and are seriously looking forward to is the one that is no longer on the shelf.

Anyone know a good cookery course I can sign up for?

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I have just come back from a break in Italy and it was just fabulous.  It lived up my expectations – great food, beautiful scenery, hot fashions and very drinkable wine – in fact I have to say that it more than lived up to my expectations.  I also had the added bonus of coming home with tons of energy and long may it last. 

I think we should all go to Italy at least once a year on the NHS.  I feel so good I’m sure it would save the NHS money in the long run.  I for one intend to return at least once a year and top up my energy levels, eat more fab food and drink more fab wine.  In fact I may have to go and live there! 

But I am one of the lucky ones because my sister actually owns property in Italy and has just set up a website to show it off.  It’s incredible swish and in a fantastic location on Lake Orta – take a look at and tell me what you think of it.  I’ve stayed there and it is magical.

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How are you finding the smoking ban is affecting you?  I was watching a programme that shows how pubs are suffering in their businesses from the ban and found it interesting to see the empty the pubs featured.  I don’t smoke and actually find it much better when I get home after a night out and I don’t smell!  But the smokers all congregate outside in their designaed areas and to be honest with the pub divided into two groups a lot of the atmosphere has disappeared possibly in a puff of smoke.

I don’t particularly want to introduce smoking in pubs and clubs again but at the same time would hate to lose such an enjoyable social meeting place.  I know that lots of pubs offer good food these days but in all honesty it makes going to the pub a totally different experience.  Not a lot of good if you are trying to watch what you eat as well.

I don’t have an anwser but pubs are changing and I guess until the change is in place we wont know what is missing.

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How do you spend your Sundays?  Is it a day you can relax, see friends and generally have fun or do you work harder than you do all week because it’s catch-up day?  Crazy isn’t it!  We work all week to have fun on the weekends and 9 times out of 10 spend most of it playing catch-up.

The other thing that lots of us do is day dream about the time when we can please ourselves and spend every moment of every day doing just what we feel like when we feel like doing it!  Well I for one have had enough and I have every intention of finding a way to freedom sooner rather than later.  If anyone has any suggestions to how to earn enough money to be financially free that doesnt involve years of waiting then share them here.  Here’s to celebrating with you all in the near future as we swop success stories.

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Well we know we are on our uppers if the Queen of England is hard up!  According to reports in all today’s papers there just isn’t enough money in the vault to repair ones houses.  I don’t know if it’s useful or unsettling to know that the monarch suffers from the same kind of cash flow as Joe Public.  What do you think?

Part of me like to think that the Queen is immune from whether the roof is leaking or the palaces need repointing.  When you are giving the odd garden party or two it’s bad enough worrying that there will be enough sausage rolls to go round let alone ones guests noticing that it’s all a bit shabby and needs a lick or two of paint.

You would think that with the Royal Families income and investments etc that there would be specific funds set up to cover this sort of eventuality.  After all the rest of us are always being advised to keep rainy day funds.  Just hope that Gordon Brown doesn’t tax as all a little bit more to help out!

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It seems that Woolworth’s the high street store is faltering in a big way and I find that really sad.  It takes a lot of beating for value for money, especially at Easter and Christmas when our money has to stretch further than usual.  It seems that we are happy to buy our clothes as cheaply as possible i.e. Primarks, but we are not so keen to buy other items so low. 

Is there a perception that if we pay too little for our home products they won’t last?  For me, I always check Woolies first for greetings cards, cd’s, phones, hardware – you name it I’ve probably brought it in Woolworths at some point and I for one would be sad if we lose it.  How about you?

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According to today’s Independent economic turmoil and record prices are luring a new generation of prospectors to the Californian hills to pan for gold.  I was wondering why go so far to find gold when you could have just as much fun prospecting the Internet to find rich pickings.

Google an area and just start digging.  There is so much free information and free downloads out there that all you need to do is dive into it and pan those nuggets of gold.  The whole wide web is a minefield and it’s all out there waiting to be dug up.

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