Being OK With Everything

Being OK with everything is a great way to grow your inner well-being.

If you recognise that not everyone will agree with you, or fall in with your wishes, but you are OK with their responses, then your heart will expand in ways that can bring you joy in every moment.

And that has to be worth aiming for doesn’t it.

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Every Thought Creates Your Reality

everything-you-wantFor the past five weeks I’ve been having fun playing The Manifestation Game.

Here’s what I discovered. Whilst these discoveries are true for me they may not be true for anybody else.

First off, I re-aligned myself with the belief that, my every thought creates my reality by manifesting my thought creations into being.

They manifest sooner, or later, depending on how much focus you bring into their creation.

We all act as either manifester or benefactor in any given moment. Anyone of us can be the instigator of another person’s creation. In the same way, anyone can be the instigator of our manifestations.

Whether we know it or not, it’s how the world works.

For example, I may wish to manifest a cash infusion to facilitate a holiday. And while that cash can appear to manifest from out of nowhere, in reality it comes from someone sending us money.

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves


The things we don’t yet know but want to know, become the stories we tell ourselves to fill the empty gaps we believe exist in our lives.

It doesn’t mean the stories we tell ourselves are true.

It does mean they can become part of the fantasy as we play along with how the story expands.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all bad.

It does mean it’s not real, although it will feel real.

What would happen if you and I were willing to let the empty gaps fill themselves?

Maybe the reality would exceed our wildest dreams as we allow our inner well-being to take on the role of creator.

Rather than tell ourselves stories, we would listen to our inner self. The part of us that exists deep within us that wants to gift us the wisdom we seek.

I’m willing to listen to the inner me. How about you?

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Joy Journaling

joy journalI always mean to journal, but somehow I just keep forgetting. And that’s OK, because nothing you or I do or don’t do, is the end of the world. 

Then I came across joy journaling. The art of noting down little sound bites of things that made you feel joyful. No long paragraphs, no soul seeking, just pure unadulterated joy.

I felt a tingle deep inside and thought that maybe I had found a form of journaling that I can relate to.

I’ve made a start and as you can see from the picture on the right, I’m jotting down anything that made my heart sing.

My joy journal is a beautiful A6 notebook. It’s small enough to pop into my bag which means I can carry it with me at all times. I can take it out anytime I want, read my joyful words and feel the love over and over again.

Some joy journals have artistic owners who include beautiful art as part of their expression. I just surround my joy with colourful surrounds to bring the properties of those colours into the mix.

And that’s part of the joy. Just be yourself.

You can use any colour to write, any colour to add depth, plus any doodles that make your heart sing.

What’s not to love.

Try it for yourself and see if it makes your heart sing too.

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I’m Curious

I'm CuriousI’m curious about almost everything I come into contact with. It’s not that I’m nosy. I really don’t want to know anything that would cross personal boundaries, but I’m curious.

I’m endlessly fascinated by what makes you different from me. And then discovering how alike we are. What are the nuances that make me unique? Plus what makes you unique. Endlessly curious I ask, or think, endless questions.

Today I’m curious about a thread I’ve been following within a Facebook group I’m part of. It’s a Law of Attraction group which is another topic that interests me.

It began when one member of the group “borrowed” a manifesting ritual from another. A book rehashing the ritual was written and seemingly well received.

The proud author shared a link for her book within the group and the plagiarism was discovered.

The ritual is an ancient method that has been passed down over the centuries. My question is this: ‘Does an ancient wisdom that’s been discovered and shared belong to the person who originally shared it?’

Or, is it something that belongs to any person who believes in its power and who wants to share its golden manifesting opportunities to benefit other possible believers?

Nothing wrong with that. Lots of things originate from following a system of one sort or another. You only have to believe. Like a self-fulfilling prophesy, commitment will produce results. Read more »

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Reaping What You Sow

colours of the rainbow1Reaping what you sow is about how you use your energy. It’s about how energy returns to you in a similar vein. It’s about what shows up.

Most people don’t believe that’s what happens. Which means they spend their energy in ways that return, and quite often, bites them on the butt.

You might believe that all of life is a lesson. I’d say rather than a lesson, what shows up is old emotional patterns.

Sometimes it isn’t very nice. Meanness, bitchiness, rudeness, cruelty, downright nastiness. Boom, right back at you baby.

Let’s say you’re feeling mad because of what someone said or did. That emotional reaction is going around and around in your head.

The other person may be a million miles away. Inside your head, you’re bad mouthing them. Reliving the emotions, it’s as if they were standing next to you.

It might even feel good to let it out. To get it out of your system. The trouble is that it doesn’t last. The bad thoughts just keep popping into your head at any given moment. And it sucks.

Because you’re focussing your attention on those thoughts, the Universe (who doesn’t do good or bad) sends you more of what your thought process is absorbed with.

Feeling mad becomes feeling madder.

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Oops, I made a mistake.

rainbow cloudsOops, I make a mistake. I missed out a word.

I believe the Inspirational Insight should read ‘giving yourself permission to shine from the inside-out allows the magic of you to radiate its healing balm’, rather than ‘giving yourself permission to shine from the inside-out allows the magic of you radiate its healing balm’.

‘What to do? I asked myself, worried that it wouldn’t read as I meant it to be read. Did the missing word change its meaning, or would everyone realise it was bad grammar?

Would I be judged as not good enough by it? Should I have saved a working copy just in case I made a mistake, or should I just let it go?

Questions flooding my thoughts threatened to overwhelm me.

When I’m in the creative flow, it never occurs to me that something might be missing. My mind is focussed on the moment of creating. Sometimes common sense flies out of the window.

How can I take so much care in creating something I want to share and still miss something. In this instance, the word ‘to’?

I checked the Inspirational Insight on Grammarly, but it never revealed my bad grammar. So I checked again, with and without the ‘to’ word. Nothing.

Maybe I’m seeing a mistake that doesn’t actually exist. Except, in my mind it does.

Herein lies the problem. My mind looks at the perceived mistake, and does the judging for me, by dragging up old beliefs that I once held about myself. Read more »

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Stories and Illusions

stories and illusionsLife is a series of stories and illusions that we willingly accept as how life really is.

The stories are what we tell ourselves to make sense of what’s happening in our lives.

The illusions are the spin we put on the stories to find the best ‘happy ever after’ that most people seek.

For instance, if we find ourselves in a story that descends into a place where hurt, pain, sadness or any number of low emotions hold sway, our mind starts to look for a better story to tell ourselves as a pain management tool.

Hows that working for you?

In general, it works in the short term but, long term the nasty parts of the story try their best to attract your attention. What was an illusion of feeling better quickly changes to the next maelstrom of a low quality of thought.

One scenario could be you’re happily going through your day, everything’s going well and life feels great. You bump into someone who you know. You innocently asked them ‘how’s it going?’

Unfortunately for you, you’ve caught them at a bad time. You couldn’t have known their dog was injured. With no way of paying the vets fees, they’re frantic with worry. Now add guilt at not wanting to let their four-legged friend down.

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Breaking Surface

breaking surfaceAn inspirational poem by Mark Nepo to share:


Let no one keep you from your journey,

no rabbi or priest, no mother

who wants you to dig for treasures

she misplaced, no father

who won’t let one life be enough,

no lover who measures their worth

by what you might give up,

no voice that tells you in the night

it can’t be done.

Let nothing dissuade you

from seeing what you see

or feeling the winds that make you

want to dance alone

or go where no one

has yet to go.

You are the only explorer.

Your heart, the unreadable compass.

Your soul, the shore of a promise

too great to be ignored.

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