Life and Creativity

Life and Creativity are one and the same. You really can’t have one without the other. For me, Life without Creativity is akin to missing out on the best part of who you are.

Robert Holden wrote ‘the journey is not to find love, it is to be love’. With apologies to Robert, ‘the journey is not to find creativity, it is to be creativity’.

Play with that for a while. Feel how good it is to own your creativity. It’s as if all your birthdays arrived at once as you explore the gift’s that are unique to you.

The moment you become aware that you are creating your own life everything changes. If you’re not happy with, or don’t like your creation, then simply discard and/or ignore it.

Now you’re ready to write the story of your life in a new and even more creative way. How powerful is that?

There is no right or wrong with your life creations. They are unique to you. While they may impact on someone else’s life, you have no say in how they choose to take ownership of the impact. Like balloons bouncing off each other, everyone’s Life and Creativity intermingling¬†with day-to-day living, and bouncing off again. And that’s OK.

It’s just life. Every day, every person on this planet is creating their life anew. Each one doing the best they can in their own creative way. It stands to reason that one person’s creativity is another person’s worst nightmare.

Life is an opportunity to create and show the world who you really are. How fabulous is that.

Moment by moment, choosing what to create by your actions and reactions.

Your life, your creation. How does it get any better than this?

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