Inspirational Insight for Inner Well-Being – Be the Star

009‘Be the star in your own life. Be yourself.’ – Jan Marchant

Life is a show ground where you get to star in your own life. You get to be the villain, the hero, the romantic, the scholar, the hermit, the list is endless. You can be generous, you can be mean, you can love, you can hate.

Who are you going to be in the story of your life? Every time you show up in the world, you get to choose who you are going to be. How fantastic is that! Be yourself. Be the star in your own life.

Before you drop off to sleep, take time to review your day. Did you show up as yourself, whatever challenges appeared? If not, send extra love to yourself and look for whatever lesson came to try you.

Take time to image your next production. Go through it moment by moment. Bathe yourself in love and light. Snuggle down. Dream deeply. Awaken totally refreshed. A new day is a new opportunity to be the star in your own life. Wow wheeeeeee.

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