I’m Responsible

life loves youOver time, the phrase ‘I’m responsible for my actions’ has guided me as I move through the world. Getting to grips with what I’ve understood it to mean, I’ve tried to take action in a responsible way.

But, I think I misunderstood what I now believe to be true. Of course, what’s true for me may not be true for you. I thought I’d share my thoughts on what’s true for me.

I believe ‘I’m responsible for my actions’ is a guide to living the best life possible. It’s not complex. In fact, it’s dead simple. You, me and everyone else out there is responsible for their own actions.

When you know everything you experience is always about you, and not about who else appears to be involved, life opens up in magical ways because you’ll be taking action from a different place.

A place within you that is the source of everything that you are.

Everything we experience, everything/everyone that brings out the judgemental elements of our character, who gets our back up, or makes us angry is all about our feelings, our thoughts and our reactions.

It has nothing to do with the other person/people on the scene. Doesn’t matter how much of the brown stuff they’re throwing our way.

I can see how it may appear to seem that way. Sorry, but they’re living out their own experiences, and by coincidence, you’re a player in their dramas, showing them what’s going on inside of them.

Every day new dramas show up to be played out in any way we see fit. They show up to help us grow our inner well-being. To enable us to touch base with our innate inner wisdom.

The outer shell of us is where all the action takes place.

The inner shell watches and learns (or not). Each new experience causes new cracks to appear in what we believe to be true.

There’s a lot going on in the world that shows man’s inhumanity to others in an unbelievable variety of ways. How do they fit in with what’s going on in our world?

After all, I appear to be saying they’re playing out their drama’s but on a world-wide stage. That it’s their experience, not ours.

And yet those dramas impact on our consciousness, on our compassion, whilst stirring up feelings ranging from anger through to helplessness, followed by charity.

Am I saying that I ignore the world at large? No of course not. What affects me will match your feelings at times, whilst opposing your views at other times. Neither are right or wrong.

Rather, they’re our views as seen through our lens of the world. If we’re called to take action we will. Our experience will be the choice’s we make and where we make them from.

I believe that what matters is how we experience life and what actions we take.

If those actions are rooted in unconditional love, whilst listening out for inner guidance, we nurture our inner well-being.

As our inner well-being flourishes life opens up. We find ourselves standing strong in the face of adversity, able to take actions that benefit everyone, even though the actions we take are first and foremost are for inner growth.

What’s also magic, is the fact you can choice to disregard everything I’ve written, and that’s OK.

Each and every one of us will have our own understanding of the phrase ‘I’m responsible for my actions’.

What matters is the undertaking to be responsible for the ‘love’ actions we take.

If you discover (as I have), that all of the actions you take are about unravelling the mystery of you, then you can’t but help to discover that life loves you with a passion that fills every fibre of your being.

Truly, does life get any better than that?

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