I Need A Hug

Feeling sad, and a bit sorry for myself, I came across the message ‘I need a hug’. Written on a scrap of paper it had been left by my granddaughter who loves a hug or two.

‘I need a hug’ made me smile and lifted my spirits immediately. It got me thinking about all the other people who might need a hug.

There’s nothing like a hug from a real person, but that’s not always possible.

Maybe how I hug my inner-self could help them to hug their inner-selves too.

Knowing that my reactions come from within me doesn’t negate my feeling sad, mad or downright grumpy at times.

Let’s face it, there’s enough going on in the world to activate any of those feelings at any given time.

I know those feelings will pass if I leave them to wend their way through my sub-consciousness without owning them.

I also know that, whilst they’re passing through, sometimes I just need a hug to make me smile again.

I realised that when I feel sad I tend to retreat into myself. I build a defensive wall deep inside of me where nothing, and/or no-one, can make me sad, mad or grumpy again.

How easy it is to build a fortress around my heart, allowing the sadness, the madness or the grumpiness to get trapped inside, growing and festering like pond weed.

I’ve learned to breathe deeply. To see myself surrounded by healing rays of light. To allow my inner resources to respond to whatever’s feeding my need for a hug.

I gently wrap my arms around myself as I remember to love and respect myself.

I remind myself of the fact that I am enough. Exactly as I am, I am enough.

Knowing that I am enough enables me to dismantle my wall of sadness brick by prickly brick.

Knowing that I am enough enables me to change my perceptions of what’s happening.

I can’t change what others think, say or do. I have no control over anyone’s actions.

Those actions which enable me to learn and grow are a gift thankfully received.

Love expansion not sad retraction.

What’s not to Love?

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