Every Thought Creates Your Reality

everything-you-wantFor the past five weeks I’ve been having fun playing The Manifestation Game.

Here’s what I discovered. Whilst these discoveries are true for me they may not be true for anybody else.

First off, I re-aligned myself with the belief that, my every thought creates my reality by manifesting my thought creations into being.

They manifest sooner, or later, depending on how much focus you bring into their creation.

We all act as either manifester or benefactor in any given moment. Anyone of us can be the instigator of another person’s creation. In the same way, anyone can be the instigator of our manifestations.

Whether we know it or not, it’s how the world works.

For example, I may wish to manifest a cash infusion to facilitate a holiday. And while that cash can appear to manifest from out of nowhere, in reality it comes from someone sending us money.

A repayment that shows up. An inheritance that was unforeseen. A friend feeling generous. It always shows up at the right time.

Do you see where it could be coming from?

You begin by imagining your ideal world and what you want to attract to you. On an everyday level, we are always putting out thoughts as to what we want to attract.

Most of this is done on an unconscious thought level and we don’t realise that’s what’s happening.

Imagine if you dare how every day would look if you took the time to plan your day on a conscious level.

You see, when you bring focus into the equation you tend to fine-tune the details of your wish list.

I set my intention to manifest a new home in a new location closer to family. And, whilst a wonderful house showed up for me it required total renovation.

In some ways that could be considered perfect, because I would end up with exactly what I wanted in the long run. It may turn out to be ‘The One’ yet!

I discovered that I don’t have to settle for what show up. I can use that first manifestation as a basis for fine-tuning for my dream home wish list.

It taught me that because we’re always creating with our unconscious thoughts what shows up isn’t always what we want. It’s just the Universe doing it’s best to meet our perceived needs.

Plus, the Universe has no purchase on whether we like what shows up, or not. It just carries on producing our thought creations until ‘Eureka’, it hits the jackpot of our dreams coming to fruition.

I loved playing Manifestation Game. I intend to play again and again because life is an act of creation in perpetual motion.

Manifestation will always follow manifestation. Just as night follows day our thought process never stops.

Each time I play, I will fine tune my details a little more because, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t have to settle for what’s less than perfect for me. What about you?

photo thanks to Mary Fabs

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