Emerging into light

Emerging into light occurs when you reach the end of one stage and move into the next.  It’s a completion of all the actions you have taken to get to where you are now.

On Friday I was completing the latest ‘Inspirational Insight’ for the people who have signed up (see right – 7 Steps to Positive Living) and was using the quote ‘What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly’ by Richard Bach.  I love it so much that I decided it would be perfect for today’s post.

At the beginning of it’s journey the caterpillar emerges from a small opalescent egg into what it perceives to be the whole of it’s being.  There is light and dark and everything that makes up planet Earth but only the tiny fraction of Earth that it will occupy.

It awakens and starts it’s journey to what it believes is the end of the known world.  So inch by inch it makes it way along whatever bush, twig or branch it happens to live on.  Every inch is a new adventure to be investigated.

Everything has to be tried and tested.  If it passes the test it can be eaten and assist it to develop some more.  On and on it goes until finally it has tried enough.  It has tested enough.  It has eaten enough.  It is ready for the end of the world.

So it gets ready by building the cocoon it will hibernate into.  A nice warm place of safety.  A place to rest and contemplate all those inches that got it to this final destination.  And so to sleep.  The end of the caterpillar.

But what happens next is a miracle.  The caterpillar having done all the work to get to the cocoon doesn’t die.  It becomes a chrysalis.  All it’s actions have led to the end of it’s world as it knows it.  But it’s not the end of the story.

This stage of it’s life is the time of it’s greatest transformation.  It may take a while but once that transformation is complete it will emerge into light as a beautiful butterfly.  It will have grown wings and the ability to soar and fly. The tiny fraction of Earth it knew before expands as far as it’s wings care to take it.

It is a butterfly for the rest of it’s life.  It cannot ever be a caterpillar again – that’s a fact.  And so it is with yourself.  You inch along your chosen path.  You contemplate what you have learned to accept or reject – it’s always your choice.  But you can never go back.  You can only go forward as you grow and complete each stage of your journey.

Every time you see a butterfly gently fluttering from flower to flower it will remind you that you too are emerging into light out of the darkness.  And that is a miracle too.

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