I have a thing about dragonflies.  When I first set up my business, the art for my stationary as well as my coaching website had some form of dragonfly on it.

I have to admit to owning quite a few dragonflies too.

I’m also a Reiki Master, so of course any certificates that I hand out to newly qualified Reiki trainees also have dragonflies on them (see pics).

I guess you’re getting the picture by now.  I didn’t really think about why I love them so much, until I was asked by a graphics designer ‘what is it about Dragonflies than means you want them to be part of what you’re sharing with the world?’

Phew.  Good, long question that had me thinking.

This is what I told him.

There are three stages to the development of a dragonfly cycle, being the egg, the nymph, and the adult dragonfly.

The egg is simply the beginning.  It’s the start of a new life that has been gently deposited in the first available plant, or, the next best thing straight into water.  Doesn’t matter where, that new life has been given the chance to grow.

Next comes the Dragonfly Nymph stage which is very much the ugly stage.  Nymphs resemble horrible little bugs, that quite frankly you’d probably squash if it came anywhere near you.

Lucky for Nymphs, this stage of their life is under water.  Ponds, marshy bogs or streams is where they hide.  Ugly little creatures, learning and growing for about 4 years until finally they emerge.

The adult Dragonfly fights it way to the top, spreads it’s wings for the first time and it’s off.  To dart from place to place, wings glistening, whilst the stunning colours of it’s body are revealed to the world in all their glory.

It’s that 4 year fight for survival that interests me.  Living under water, hiding from predators who would eat them soon as look at them, learning how to break free from the confinements of whichever waterway contains them.

Finally, they reach the ceiling of the pond.  One last push and their through.  Into a world that bears no resemblance to the world they have just left.

I see that everyday, up here on the surface.  Lack of purpose, lack of confidence, no self esteem and more, etched on tired faces.

But that’s only a starting point.  Take the trouble to look closer and you can see glimpses of something far greater underneath.

Talk to people and suddenly their eyes light up.  A desire to change the way they see things.  A willingness to learn something different and the courage to go after their dreams.

Finally, they too find a way to break free from the chains that have enslaved their thoughts.  Each and every one as beautiful as those dragonflies that captivate me.

Next time you see a dragonfly and it opens those wonderful luminescence wings, look at all the fine lines that are part and parcel of their design.  Each line representing all the challenges that they’ve lived through to achieve freedom.

Pretty amazing creatures all round.

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