One Step at a Time

Here’s a story about the principle of doing something one step at a time, stepping back and not getting hooked on instant results.  Sometimes it takes a long time for a plan to come to fruition – enjoy. The Daffodil Principle: Several times my daughter, Julie, had telephoned to say, “Mom, […] Read more »

Autumn Joy

In-between the rain, the sun has come out and reminded us of the joys that Autumn brings.  The past few weeks have seen the greens of spring and summer slowly changing to orange’s and red’s, that sparkle when the sun hits them. An early walk around Hyde Hall highlighted the trees as […] Read more »

You’ve Got to be Willing to Try

In the spirit of new ventures I’m trying my hand at affiliate marketing, via here, or clicking the picture on your left.  Will it turn out to be successful venture? I don’t know as it’s early days, but I’m having to learn new marketing skills, something that’s way outside of my comfort […] Read more »

Want To Be A Money Magnet?

Want to learn how to be a Money Magnet? Yes, then just click the link above to book your place on one of Marie-Claire’s Money Magnet Workshops. I’m going to the first one on the 27th October 2012. But if you can’t make that date then there will be another […] Read more »

A lottery win with a twist

Today while reading Marion Ryan’s great post ‘Autumn Abundance’ it got me thinking about the abundance that had shown up in my own life last week. Mine concerned the national lottery which I don’t always play, as I don’t like to get hooked into the neediness of wanting to win week […] Read more »

A funny ole fortnight

It’s been a funny ole fortnight of ups and downs, highs and lows, but I guess that’s life for you.  It kinda started a couple of Mondays ago when my phone started to play up.  It didn’t faze me too much, because as I’ve mentioned before I have the worlds […] Read more »