An attitude of gratitude

There’s a world of difference between having an attitude of gratitude and being grateful because someone has told you to be grateful.  Being told can make you feel resentful because you’re being treated as if you don’t know how to be grateful. But maybe that’s because your attitude doesn’t reflect […] Read more »

Who are you – really?

 Do you identify yourself by the roles you play? Wife, mother, daughter, husband, son, father, employee, manager? It’s very easy to become defined by all the responsibilities we have and yet they are not who we really are. If you have, or were able to have, a room in your […] Read more »

Symptoms of Inner Peace

It occurred to me that I spend so much time writing about how to find Inner Peace that I overlooked the fact that it would be good to know what Inner Peace looks like. On Saturday I am running a class for Reiki 2 students and whilst I was sorting through […] Read more »

One way to find Inner Peace

Because life is such an emotional rollercoaster it’s vital to find ways of accessing your inner peace. Give yourself a breathing space by reading the article below by Dr. Ben King: “For most of the year 2000, I worked and lived at a fasting clinic in northern California where I […] Read more »

The Perfect Present

A couple of years ago I signed up for a workshop that centred on how to tell stories that heal.  I love fairy tales, fables and stories so this was a wonderful opportunity to learn how to use them in my coaching practice.  The tutor was the wonderful Pat Williams […] Read more »

An old Cherokee story

I love this old Cherokee story which may be familiar to some of you. It shows how true happiness comes from within and the mindset we choose to grow. ‘One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is […] Read more »

Build on your wins

Today’s tip is centered on growing any positive results that you’ve already made in your life. Remembering the wins can be hard if you’re in a place where nothing feels good, or you don’t believe you ever had any positive results. Take a moment to find something that brought a […] Read more »