Being Positive 3

Being positive is a bonus when you discover that life can be one big adventure.  You need to decide that come what may today is another adventure where you are going to live your life to the full.  Live it, love it, embrace it.  It’s one of the important choices that you get to make on a daily basis.

Are you up for it?  You may have been conditioned from an early age to be afraid of whatever life throws at you.  To be careful, not to upset anyone, hide from yourself and life in general.  That’s OK if it worked for you then but do you really want to spend the rest of your life living in the shadows?

No, then it’s time to fight you way out of the safety blanket that you are smothering yourself with.  Let’s be clear.  There will always be stuff going on.  You won’t always be able to control outside circumstances.  What you can decide is how you are going to react to stuff and circumstances.

Nobody can take away your inner dignity unless you give them permission.  What happened in the past is just that – in the past.  It may be wrapped up in your safety blanket and it may be a good idea to leave it there when you break free and start living your life in the best way that you possible can.

Ask yourself what you can learn from the past.  What can you do differently to move forward to a better future.  Then taking the best from the worst move on.  It might take a bit of practice but eventually you will break free.  Decide to grow a ‘can do’ attitude and grow your abilities to cope with life as it brushes up along side you.

Be flexible in what you expect from your outcomes.  If you build flexibility into your life you allow for the outcome to be better than you could have ever imagined.  This is because as you work towards your goals you are also expanding.  This expansion enables you to have bigger dreams and bigger results.

Best of all.  Being positive enables you to find joy in the simplest things.  Your sense of fun escapes more often and the sound of laughter is the music playing for the world to hear.   It can’t help itself.  It broke free when you threw that blanket out – wonderful isn’t it!

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