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Bao's Quest Jan Marchant

Do you like stories that have adventures with dragons, and a very brave rat?

Bao’s Quest is a delightful story of a dragon (and a very brave rat), on a quest to save the kingdom. Although it was created with youngsters aged 4-9 in mind, it’s also great fun for readers aged 9-90 too. Easy to read, and beautifully illustrated, this wonderful story is full of inspirational examples on making friends, finding self-confidence, playing together, as well as solving puzzles. 

Fleeing from the evil mage Komoro, the Emperor’s smallest dragon Bao, is the only one who can restore harmony, and the power of love back to the Kingdom. Unfortunately, Bao has forgotten why he’s in hiding, and is a very lonely, little dragon. 

Bao’s meeting with Hood, a brave rat who lives in the roots of the willow tree nearby, is the beginning. At long last there is hope for the Kingdom. 

Bao’s Quest deals with important subjects including: 
goodness and badness 
and the power of love 

My first review (see next para) for Bao’s Quest made my day.  Someone, who wasn’t friends or family, bought the boo, read it and gave an open, honest opinion.  Anyone who has ever created something will appreciate how awesome it feels when someone enjoys, and likes your work.

‘Little Dragon with a big heart. Very inspiring, motivational story with cleverly incorporated exercises that can help your child to uncover her/his true self. Illustrations are very clear, kind and warm, leaving lots or room for imagination at the same time; just like the story itself.’ Kate Coe

Here’s some more reviews that I’m proud to share:

A Most Excellent bedtime story for every age

‘I collect a lot of children’s books and Bao’s Quest is one of the best family fantasies I’ve read in a long time. I honestly don’t know who will like this more, the children or parents, but I suspect it’ll be a close tie. The story is definitely written for the younger set in mind, but it never talks down to them and I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much. The illustrations were a great touch because they hit all the right notes and weren’t overdone.

This story focuses on two unlikely friends, a dragon and a rat, that team up in friendship and fight against evil. Bao is an imperial dragon in service to the good Emperor Ling. Bao escapes the kingdom just before an evil mage, Komoro, locks every inhabitant beneath a silver-linked dome. The binding spell doesn’t allow anyone in or out, but Komoro doesn’t know little Bao had the Emperor’s treasure with him when he flew away. To know the treasure is missing enrages the mage. Not only does he hold the castle hostage, he hides “love” from the entire kingdom so no one will experience this emotion and before long the land is in despair. After all, what is a world without love?

Bao meets Hood, a small brown rat, in the Edge of Beyond after waking up from many years of sleep. He can’t quite remember everything he’s been through, or that he holds the key to saving his beloved Emperor and his dragon family, but with the help of Hood he slowly begins to heal. The supporting cast is made up of the mage’s evil henchmen–giant bats, and the good squadron of dragonflies, the wise black birds, and a band of merry spiders in a giant willow tree.

There’s a ton of magic to be had here. And while this plot has bad guys and darkness, it’s very age appropriate for grade schoolers. There are subtle life lessons within the story, and many come from the adventurous Hood. He’s got a level head and he shares a lot of coping techniques he learned from his mother with Bao, who is naturally overwhelmed with the state of his world. The calming lessons made me smile because they happen to work wonders on the human sort as well. Overall, a fantastic story with important life lessons that never come across as preaching. I highly recommend parents reach for this if they’re looking to share quality reading time with their kids.’ Christine

Amazing  – My Kids Love it

‘This book was recommended to me and WOW, what an absolute treat it is. As a family we couldn’t stop reading it. The illustrations were a wonderful surprise and really added to a most heart warming and inspirational story. I defy anyone to read it and not be moved by the clarity, imagination and story telling.’ Mr. P.

Highly Recommended

‘Our children are midway through this book – it is imaginative, well written, entertaining and nicely illustrated – Highly recommended!‘ RAS

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