Angels and Heavenly Thongs

angel - heavenly thongDid you know that Angels have heavenly thongs?

I went to see a very entertaining nativity play at my grandson’s junior school.  And that’s when I discovered that angels wear heavenly thongs.  Who knew?

‘Angels in a heavenly thong’, at least that’s what I thought I heard, as a small group of delightful girls danced pass, wings and floaty dresses the norm.

The angels skipped and clapped their way around the manger without missing a step.  Their heads turned this way and that, scouring the audience in an effort to locate the people who’d promised to be there.

Whirling dervishes couldn’t have contorted their bodies any better than the different ways these angels managed to distort theirs.

Mary only dropped baby Jesus once, and miracle of miracles, he bounced right back. Thankfully there was no lasting damage to the new-born king.

The rest of the play went (fairly) smoothly with only the occasional shepherd or king being taken outside due to the excitement of performing in public.

I don’t think I have enjoyed a performance as much since I saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert in London a few years ago.  It was certainly as funny, although that may not have been intentional.

It really doesn’t get much better, heavenly thongs included.

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