An invisible web

Shelley was sitting in my garden as we sat and chatted enjoying the glorious sunshine that October had decided to share with us.  ‘Trouble is’ she commented ‘it just doesn’t feel right.  I feel as if I should be doing all the stuff that I normally do on a Sunday.’

‘What’s that then?’ I asked.

‘You know, all the stuff that doesn’t get done in the week such as ironing, cleaning, shopping, sorting – and so on.  It’s endless really’ Shelley actually shuffled and looked guilty.

‘Today is a bonus.  Who knows how many days of nice weather we have left’ I replied ‘It’s so nice to just sit and do nothing.’

‘I guess so.  I’ll stay a little bit longer then I’d better go and get started.’

30 minutes later and I was left to enjoy the balmy weather by myself so I picked up my book and got lost in the adventures that were occurring between the pages.

I didn’t try and argue with Shelley because it was her choice to do the things that she felt needed doing. If you do manage to persuade someone to go against their wishes chances are their feelings of guilt will eventually get to you too.  It’s as if you ‘pick up’ on the emotions churning away  inside them.

Later I did wonder why Shelley was so reluctant to just let it all go for a few hours.  Maybe she would feel worse if she left it.   Only Shelley can know what works for her.

For lots of people some habits that have become so ingrained that not to do ‘it’ sets off a chain reaction that spirals down to feelings of depression – mild or strong depending on how deeply the habit has embedded itself in the subconscious mind.

Those feelings of depression can lead to all sorts of problems.  Stress and anxiety often being the pre-cursors to other illnesses.

It’s as if an invisible web has been spun around the person that stops them from breaking free from those out dated habits and beliefs that no longer serve them.

Now I’m not suggesting that breaking free means no more ironing, no more house work or any other routine that clearly needs addressing.  But I am saying that sometimes it doesn’t hurt if you choose to ignore it when you want to do something else.

Everyone has the ability to think new thoughts.

One simple sentence that allows anyone to slough off the silken threads that bind them to old ways of thinking.

You know.  The ones that belong to the past.  Remember what worked last week isn’t necessary the best solution for today.  And today is the only time that counts.

To set a new thought process in action you could start with asking yourself ‘what has to happen for me to try something different?’ or ‘what would happen if I left it to another day?’

Sit and wait for the inner wisdom that resides in all of us to come up as it most definitely will if you allow it to.  Let it bring forth some answers for you.  If it feels right you could be inspired to try and see what happens.

You have started a new thought process that could be the beginning of a whole new way of being.  Wow does it get any better than this!

Remember to build in flexibility within yourself.  You need flexibility to allow yourself the freedom to think those new thoughts that are going to release you from the invisible web that’s holding you back.

Brave new world begins with brave new thoughts that you have the choice to accept or reject – your choice always.

PS – your happiness and well being depend on you growing your ability to think new thoughts.

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