A different perspective

Wasn’t the last week or so glorious.  The sun shone, the garden was full of birds squabbling over bits and bobs as they began the task of nest building in the various trees and shrubs.  The world is simply a different place when you get just the right temperature to do things – not too hot and definitely not cold at all.

I can’t remember April being so balmy and like most people I made the most of it even going to a BBQ.  But the weather has turned again and whilst not freezing it’s there’s a definate chill in the wind.  Not that I am out and about feeling it on my skin.  No I am looking at it through the patio doors.

Why?  Because I slid down a flight of stairs and I am in pain.  It’s not comparable to really bad pain but every time I move it’s like being jabbed with a million red hot pokers.  If this is what hell is like I am going to be a very good girl from now on!

A moment’s distraction and off I went.  I couldn’t even get up and sort of slithered into the front room where my husband inspected the damage.  Lucky me nothings broken – I guess that my padded behind was a godsend, pass me the chocolate so I can pad it some more.

Now I am in limbo land of sorts.  Anything below my waist is a no go area.  If I forget and reach the shooting pain soon reminds me that I need more time to heal.   Easier said than done.  My house is a tip after family stayed and being slightly OCD not being able to put everything back in it’s place is frustrating.

I’m getting a different perspective on life when it’s lived with real limitations.  Mine won’t last forever but at the moment it’s a very real experience.  I had no idea how others with real disabilities cope.  The smallest obstacle is like facing a 10 foot wall and no ladder.

I’m seeing how human beings are blessed with the ability to think outside their boxes and how to find solutions to doing stuff in a new way.  It’s not easy or simple just different.  I’m overwhelmed with admiration for the courage of those with very real disabilities and how they find those solutions.

I’ve also laughed and laughed at the mangled first attempts and having to be rescued time and time again.  It hasn’t stopped me and I’m learning quickly not what to do when my body screams at me NO.

I am so looking forward to being able to walk, sit, sleep and do all the things I’ve taken for granted.  But for now I’m fascinated with learning about living from a different perspective albeit it for a short while.  I promise not to forget those lessons as I encounter others who cope on a day to day basis – real heroes each and every one of them.

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