7 Steps to Inner Well-Being

7 Steps7Are you struggling with self-doubt and insecurity? Are you masking your feelings with a smile for the outside world, whilst falling deeper into despair? Yes, it’s much easier to just accept that this is your life. Yes, it’s natural to want to hide your sadness from others.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re ready to give yourself another chance, and would like to reclaim your birthright of love and happiness, please don’t wait another day.  

Author Jan Marchant experienced the same painful feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. For a long time, she believed it was somehow what she deserved. Luckily for her, she grabbed an opportunity to turn her life around.

Now she unselfishly shares the wisdom she gained whilst training, and working as a Life Coach, with others who are quietly suffering and not living the life they deserve. 

7 Steps to Inner Well-Being is both instructive and inspiring.  The well thought out process is laid out in the seven chapters highlighted below: 

• Elements of Happiness 
• Your Vision for the Future 
• Completion is Good for Your Soul 
• Mixing with Like Minded People 
• Learning to be a Risk Taker 
• Letting Go of Old Beliefs 
• Loving what You Do 

This handbook is designed to be your companion on your path of personal growth towards Inner Well-Being. Finally you emerge to live the authentic, beautiful, harmonious life you always dreamed about. Truly does life get any better than this.

Designed to provide you with a solid foundation to successfully grow your Inner Well-Being, this book is a formula to discovering your true self. Each step will guide you to success on your path to inner peace, and so much more.

Some reviews that 7 Steps to Inner Well-Being has received on Amazon:

7 Delightful Steps

‘I found this book to be not only chock-full of great advice, but incredibly fun to work through as well. I read a LOT of non-fiction that focuses on self-improvement and this one stood out to me, in part, because of the hands-on lessons in it.

The very first step requires you to get a notebook and start drawing. You create a Happiness Satellite chart and it becomes your basis for the rest of the steps. This beginning chapter explains simply what happy looks like (it’s different for everyone, of course) and it’s designed to make you to think. I really liked how you can go back to it later and make alterations if you realize further along that what you’ve initially written isn’t a good fit.

I won’t delve into each step, but I do want to point out another thing that made this book different from others I’ve read. Its positivity. Nearly every sentence is written in such a way that you can’t honestly help but smile or think optimistically. The author is behind you 100% and the words are your personal cheerleader to the end. You’d imagine that’s how most in its genre are written, and I guess to a point some of them are, but this one is sunny on every single page. If a book had an aura, I imagine this one’s would be a bright yellow. That’s the best way I can describe it.

So, if you’re looking to read an upbeat and affirmative tutorial on how to experience happiness in your life no matter what the day brings you, this is it. Hands down, a five star rating.’ Christine

Something a bit different

‘I love self help books as I’m continually trying to better myself. This book is very motivating and nicely written. It has a couple of different ideas but also a lot of the same suggestions as in all self improvement books. All in all I was very impressed with this free book.’ EM

Great Book

‘In most cases when you buy a book that covers the steps for attaining something you find it is lacking in information, in 7 Steps to Inner Well-Being: a friendly handbook containing little Steps of Love and Happiness towards enjoying a happy, harmonious life this is not the case. The author provides the reader with the right amount of information to attain a more joyous life. Overall, I found the book to be good and if you want to find some joy in your life you might want to read this book.’ Tucker

What a timely book!

‘I have just sat down to read this lovely little book. I’ve only just read the first chapter and felt compelled to come over and leave a review. It is very heartwarming to start a book like this where the author talks from experience. I’ve just started to take some self care steps and I can see already that this book is exactly what I need to keep me moving in the direction that I want and sustain that feeling of happiness and wellness that I have just started to feel again.’ Sonia

7 Steps to Inner Well Being

‘The book wasn’t too long so could take on board.found it very helpful not just in my personal life but the work place as well.A practice I want to keep up.‘ M Cerri

Ahhh the cover was so happy making I had to buy this book!

‘I havent read this book yet, but the cover is so happy-making I had to buy it! Going to make myself a nice cup of herbal and have a slice of cake and snuggle up on my settee and immerse myself in this book. Thank you.’ Ntathu Allen

Great Guide to Finding Peace in your Life

‘I really enjoyed this book and as I am working through the steps it is making me more aware of what it takes to have a harmonious inner well being. The funny part is a lot of it I know I need to do but whenever I got started on the path to happiness self doubt and negativity would always creep in and ruin my efforts. The chapter that talks about letting go of past beliefs really helped me work past those demons. If you are seeking peace and inner well being you will be well rewarded by reading this book. Just remember you need to work at it and you will be successful!’ PatM99

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