Judgement Hides in Many Guises

Reading a poem by Brian Bilston about how he felt when offered a free copy of the Daily Mail, made me realise how judgement hides in many guises. The comments following the humorous poem mostly appeared to stand in the strongly dislike the Daily Mail camp. Opinions on a newspaper […] Read more »

Truth shifting

When I log into the admin side of this site one of my first tasks is to go to the spam filter.  There’s a whole industry out there planting comments onto any blog the spammers can reach.  It usually by people who want to sell something on the Internet and make […] Read more »

Irritable head syndrome

My other half suffers from a debilitating condition known as Irritable Head Syndrome.  It’s so ingrained that he has no idea how painful it is to me.  Being painful to me is one of the recognisable symptoms when he is in full flow. Here’s what happens.  We live in a […] Read more »

Opinions and like minded people

I’ve been spending time with the one year old and enjoying myself despite the energy it takes to keep up and stay on the ball.  I was commenting to her mum and giving some opinions on what to do to make life with a small mobile whirlwind easier. They’re all […] Read more »

Comment spamming

Are you blogging and suffering from comment spamming?  I am and it’s starting to drive me nuts.  Everyday when I log into my blogs their waiting.  The comments.  From all over the world.  When you first receive them it’s quite flattering as you think someone is actually reading your posts.  […] Read more »