Mindfulness and Inner Well-Being

Mindfulness is used to define awareness of being in the present moment whilst acknowledging, and accepting, whatever thoughts or feelings that arise. As well as assisting in meditation practice, mindfulness can also grow inner well-being by allowing you to switch off head thoughts, leaving a space for heart thoughts, via the inner guidance […] Read more »

What Would You Do If It Was Your Last Day On Earth?

An anxious client, looking for clarity in getting his thoughts together, was troubled because he could think of nothing he wanted to do after asking himself the question ‘What would you do if it was your last day on earth?’ After some inner reflection on how I would respond to the question, […] Read more »


‘So just why have the past few weeks been a real stinker Jan?’ has been coming my way since my last post.  If you’re not one of those look away now. Looking back it doesn’t appear to be half as bad as when I was living through it. At the time […] Read more »

This too will pass

Do you find that when things go wrong or life is tough then all the bad things seem to multiply?  Followers of ‘The Secret’ will tell you that like attracts like, so therefore you’ve brought it all on yourself. Always a great help when the bills have to be paid […] Read more »

The enemy within

I came across an African proverb  which stated ‘when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you’ and it stopped me in my tracks.  I realised today that I had awakened the enemy within. You see I had been feeling very sorry for myself.  You know the kind […] Read more »