Mindfulness and Inner Well-Being

Mindfulness is used to define awareness of being in the present moment whilst acknowledging, and accepting, whatever thoughts or feelings that arise. As well as assisting in meditation practice, mindfulness can also grow inner well-being by allowing you to switch off head thoughts, leaving a space for heart thoughts, via the inner guidance […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight

‘Sometimes we flow into the wonder that is the Oneness of Life with total ease’ – Jan Marchant   Do you meditate?  I only ask because sometimes meditation is a natural flow into the wonder that is the Oneness of Life.   But it’s not the only way.  For instance going for […] Read more »

The power of love

Really the only thing that affects each and everyone of us is the power of love.  It’s not an easy thing to unravel because love means a variety of different things to you and a variety of different things to me.  And that’s where the problems start. Our expectations are that […] Read more »