Following the Trail – Inspirational Insight

Following the trail, from existing to living, means there was once a vast ocean you crossed before you moved from one to the other. It was such a long time ago, it’s hard to remember how different your life was in the old days. Life was experienced as existing, which consisted of; not doing, […] Read more »

Inspirational Insight for Inner Well-Being – Loving Yourself

‘Loving plus valuing yourself equals deep joy that shines brightly from the depth of your being.‘ – Jan Marchant Loving yourself, valuing yourself, shifts the emphasis from others back to you. How does that feel? Are you squirming a little at the thought of being the centre of your own attention? Old, […] Read more »

Big Birthday Bash

It’s my fault, I can’t deny it.  I’ve been joking for weeks that when I hit 60 I would allow myself to be ill because I would be entitled to free prescriptions. Well ha ha, guess what.  I had my birthday and got hit with a viral infection that left […] Read more »

Love what you do

Do you love what you do or feel motivated to give your best? Looking through my local paper I was struck by a story about a railway clerk who had won an award. She won the award for her cheerful manner and excellent rapport with customers. On top of this […] Read more »