I’m Curious

I’m curious about almost everything I come into contact with. It’s not that I’m nosy. I really don’t want to know anything that would cross personal boundaries, but I’m curious. I’m endlessly fascinated by what makes you different from me. And then discovering how alike we are. What are the […] Read more »

Forgiveness Is About Forgiving Yourself

‘Forgiveness is about forgiving yourself because you can only see events from your own perspective’, were the words I felt compelled to share at Kyle Grey’s Archangel Workshop. We were exploring how the miracle of forgiveness could be seen as an act of love. Kyle explained that any experience you […] Read more »

The myths of forgiveness

Forgiveness or rather the lack of it, is something that can have a huge impact on day to day living.  When I came across this article by Corey Sondrup, D.C.I wanted to share it because it makes you consider some of the aspects of forgiveness from a different perspective.  ‘It seems like every self-help […] Read more »

Forgiveness is the art of setting yourself free

Forgiveness is the art of setting yourself free by letting go and realigning your energies to your higher intentions.  Let’s face it holding on to old grudges, old hurts and old anything anchors you firmly to your past and what happened then. Do you really want to spend precious time […] Read more »