Finding hope

I’m an avid reader.  It’s how I relax and my book of choice will normally be crime thrillers.  Consequently when I find an author I enjoy I tend to devour their novels in the same way a chocoholic devours chocolate. The up shot of this is that I am always […] Read more »

Forgiveness is the art of setting yourself free

Forgiveness is the art of setting yourself free by letting go and realigning your energies to your higher intentions.  Let’s face it holding on to old grudges, old hurts and old anything anchors you firmly to your past and what happened then. Do you really want to spend precious time […] Read more »

Emerging into light

Emerging into light occurs when you reach the end of one stage and move into the next.  It’s a completion of all the actions you have taken to get to where you are now. On Friday I was completing the latest ‘Inspirational Insight’ for the people who have signed up […] Read more »