Whose Junk Is It Anyway?

The thought, ‘Whose junk is it anyway?’ crept into my consciousness as I was walking along. I was feeling a bit low but didn’t really know why. sometimes life’s like that isn’t it. I went for a walk to blow the cobwebs away. To enable me to find a little clarity, […] Read more »

Mindfulness and Inner Well-Being

Mindfulness is used to define awareness of being in the present moment whilst acknowledging, and accepting, whatever thoughts or feelings that arise. As well as assisting in meditation practice, mindfulness can also grow inner well-being by allowing you to switch off head thoughts, leaving a space for heart thoughts, via the inner guidance […] Read more »

Closing doors on the past

Does the past define you?  It’s not always easy to tell because, a lot of the time people react automatically and then move on.  But automatically means the reaction is firmly rooted in the past. James came to see me when, no matter what he tried, he just couldn’t seem […] Read more »