The Scarcity Lie

The Scarcity LieI’ve been living a lie. The Scarcity Lie. Instead of seeing, and appreciating, the wealth of abundance that exists all around me, I’ve been searching for what I perceived as being missing. Doh.

I’ve read numerous books on the Law of Attraction. In fact, I’ve read most books that cover abundance in all it’s myriad and spectacular forms.

I’ve loved and enjoyed everything that’s shown up for me. But then, my eyes would start to look for what I believed was missing, and maybe, just maybe, would make my life even better. Double doh.

I thought I knew the answer to living an abundance life. I just needed to practice all the tips, the advice and the exercises I’d read about, for it to show up. I missed the fact that I was already living an abundant life!

I’d already learnt that happiness doesn’t depend on anything, or anyone, showing up from the amazing Jamie Smart. He taught me that happiness is a natural state, my birthright, as it’s yours. No more “I’ll be happy when…” scenario’s for me.

A pretty good life all round. So, what was missing, and why was I still searching?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because, at some point, I bought into the scarcity lie.

The scarcity lie that says, ‘Hey, you don’t have this, or that, or some other kind of wanting that Joe Bloggs already has.” ‘Why don’t you have more money, more nice things, more holiday’s?”

The little whispers that crept into my thoughts telling me I couldn’t be living an abundant life because, I was missing certain bits, and pieces, that others already had. I didn’t even know I wanted it, until I saw them with it!

I wasn’t alone. I discovered that approximately 99% of the human race has bought into the scarcity lie too!

You see, nobody has to hunt high and low to find abundance. As with happiness, it’s always with us. Just because we don’t always see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

All around me there’s an abundance of beauty. When I take the time to stop and drink in the magic of the Universe, I want for nothing. Anytime I think something’s missing, I can stop, breathe, and check in with how I’m feeling.

I can guarantee that, if I’m feeling out of sync, it’s nothing to do with abundance, and more likely to be something not panning out as I’d planned. My expectations giving me a self inflicted ‘hard time’.

Have you bought into The Scarcity Lie too?

If you seem to be on a never ending quest to grow abundance then yes, you probably bought into the lie at some point.

Once you recognise the lie, you’ll change the way you perceive abundance.

I’m not suggesting you stop wanting things. More money, more clothes, more shiny things that you enjoy. I’m just saying, put them in the right box. You’re not suffering from a scarcity of things.

You can always find a way to get more of what you want. It’s up to you to work out how you achieve your wants. If you want something badly enough, then eventually you’ll find a way to have it.

Abundance, on the other hand, is always there in front of us. You only have to open your eyes to see it flourishing in all it’s glory. And, when you live from an abundance mind set, abundance grows. I can’t tell you why, or how, it just does.

The truth is, you, and I, are already perfect. Learning to love yourself for who you are, and not who you think you should, could, or aspire to be, is the most liberating form of abundance.

The Scarcity Lie whispers that we’re are not enough, that we should want more, that everything will be fine when you get this, that or the other. That we’ll be happy when this or that happens.

It’s a lie. It’s not true. It’s another sign that fear’s showing up.

You may not believe me. That’s OK. You get to choose what you believe. As I do.

And I believe in the magic of abundance. There will be good times, there will be bad times. Whatever shows up, the Universe has my back. Always.

No more searching for me. The Scarcity Lie is a figment of my imagination. Honestly, I’d rather be out enjoying what shows up here and now. To appreciate all that life has to offer in any given moment.

Truthfully, I’d rather grow my inner well-being than my fears. How about you?

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