Mindfulness and Inner Well-Being

11264001_402047696645125_7808792952924100194_nMindfulness is used to define awareness of being in the present moment whilst acknowledging, and accepting, whatever thoughts or feelings that arise.

As well as assisting in meditation practice, mindfulness can also grow inner well-being by allowing you to switch off head thoughts, leaving a space for heart thoughts, via the inner guidance that’s available to everyone, to filter through instead.

To follow your heart is to take actions that resonate with doing what you love, to consciously integrate everyday living with the real you, rather than conforming to others expectations.

Heart fed living is joyful. It grows your inner, and outer, well-being meaning the innate well-being that is your birthright can be accessed more quickly.

Is that possible? Yes, by being mindful, you can avoid getting lost in your head thoughts, where being side-tracked by procrastination, self sabotage, or over thinking can erode your belief in what you are aiming to do.

The head thoughts will always be with you, but instead of leading the campaign to govern your life, mindfulness will gently remind you that if allowed to drift through, head thoughts will eventually dissipate, followed by clarity of purpose.

It’s surprisingly easy to be distracted from that clarity of purpose. Old destructive beliefs continue to pop up, telling you that, maybe you’re not capable, not good enough, or it’ll never be perfect so why continue etc., etc.

Self sabotage appears to be prevalent when aiming for clarity of purpose. If you’ve ever being going great guns with something that you’ve loved doing, and suddenly you have doubts about your success, you’ll find 100 and 1 reasons to justify stopping.

Seriously, that’s the time to sit down and give yourself time to mend. Mindfulness allows any doubts to surface without addressing them. Like puffy clouds drifting by, head thoughts will move across your inner vision and pass by.

Keeping a calm awareness of your feelings, and thoughts, helps you to stay on track. Remember the Access Consciousness tip of asking ‘who does it belong to? Release it with love, never to return to this or any other consciousness.’

Those self sabotaging thoughts rarely, if ever, came from you. Using the tip above allows you to release them. You’ll know it works by the lightness of being you feel. Use it constantly to free yourself from others well-meant intentions.

Remember innate well-being is your birthright. It doesn’t have any negative intentions and will return just as soon as the self sabotaging thoughts have disappeared, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your vision of what a life well spent means to you.

A clear vision is vital. The first step is to be clarify your vision until you can see it 100% in your mind’s eye. Give it your undivided, focused attention. 

Practice mindfulness until it becomes second nature.  It’s  good habit that will enable you to live a joyful life, lived as you want to live it with a lightness of being.

Tell me, how does it get any better than that?

Photo thanks to Boho Beach Gypsy fb

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