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make love your mantra

Life is how you feel, followed by what you think it will be. Feel love, be love, live love. Make love your daily mantra…..

The Beatles once sang ‘Love is all there is’, and it’s probably the truest line they sang. Once you know the absolute truth that Love is real, whilst fear is an illusion that only exists in your mind, freedom beckons.

Fear is what your thoughts conjure up when life appears to go wrong.

Tuning into fear-based thoughts takes you away from love. Luckily, because it’s only your thoughts, you can say to yourself ‘I don’t have to think that’.

Next, check into how you are feeling. If you’re not feeling the lightness of being that is love, ask yourself ‘Who does this belong to?’, followed by ‘Please release this with love, with consciousness attached, never to return in any time, space or reality’.

This will release anything that never came from you in the first place. You only thought it came from you. It most probably came from a well meaning other. The great news is that thoughts can always be changed.

How you feel will always trump what you think. Lightness of being will always feel good.

Make love your daily mantra. When you return to your natural state of love and lightness, you will be better placed to cope with the challenges that life’s curve-ball throws your way. The true price of Love is your Inner Well-Being – are you willing to p(l)ay?

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