Inspiration Insight for Inner Well-Being – You Are The Gift

today is a beautiful day‘Beloved, you are the gift that you are seeking.’

Do you ever wonder where you are heading, what you are seeking? The journey to oneself is eternal.

Each ‘ha ha’ moment is a glorious blip towards the truth. Love, in all it’s personification’s, asks that you revel in every deed, in every act you undertake.

Each ‘ha ha’ moment is a gift, enabling you to realise another bit of the secret that is hidden in plain sight.

The truth is open to you and that truth is this:

‘Beloved, you are the gift that you are seeking’.

Isn’t that a wondrous thing. The gift of you, exactly as you are, right here, right now.

Accept the gift of you and, no-thing, no-one can take it from you.

You are an amazing, beautiful, extraordinary human being. Thank you for being you x

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