I Am One with Divine Love

I Am One with Divine Love. Photo thanks to Denise LinnI Am One with Divine Love

With Divine Love all things are possible. When I ignore the gentle prods that Divine Love sends through my inner knowing, I struggle.

You’d think I’d know better. But, being a normal human being, with desires, wants and needs, I sometime’s push against the flow of my Inner Well-Being.

Pushing against the flow means I try to control outcome’s. My way or no way is my stubborn mindset. I make plans that often, spiral wildly out of control. And yet, I continue to impose outrageous demands on myself, that may, or may not, work.

And, because those outrageous demands sometimes work, it creates an illusion that I buy into. I believe that if I push harder, I will get my desires meet quicker. It’s just an illusion, which means it’s not true.

Moving too fast, push, push, push, finds me tumbling out of the natural flow of life. My focus ends up in the wrong place, which means I miss the joy of being in the present moment. Missing the bliss of being me, of being alive to what shows up.

I learnt the hard way that struggle isn’t natural. It’s a learned behaviour from childhood. Do you remember being told; ‘If it’s too easy, it’s not worth having.’ Or; ‘If you work harder, the rewards will be so much sweeter.’ Me too.

One of the downside’s of these beliefs is, the degree of hard work entailed means you think/believe you have to live with the results.

Ever been miserable doing something just because you worked so hard to get there? I certainly have. The means do not always justify the end result.

Life was never intended to be a struggle. It’s meant to be an abundant life, a gentle stroll with Divine Love as your guide. The miracle of Divine love is everywhere, and in everything.

In a world where scarcity and/or, fear of scarcity, is rife, abundance appears to be a pot of gold at the end of some distant rainbow. Struggle morphs into endless chasing of that illusive pot of gold. A pot, so bright, it blinds you to the truth that abundance is everywhere you look.

Abundance, which remains hidden, out of sight, as you look in the wrong places.

If you are willing to surrender struggle to Divine Love, you open to a life where all things are possible. Because Divine Love is abundantly present in every detail, no matter how small, this means abundance is everywhere.

It can be easy to miss because it’s simple, rather than complex, which cause’s doubt to raise it’s ugly head, clouding judgement, making it easy to disregard the guidance from your inner wisdom.

To move past struggle you have to clear the fog.  Ask yourself; ‘What patterns of ease, and harmony can I bring into play, to allow Divine Love to do work it’s magic for me, and for all concerned?’

Wait for guidance from within rather than seek them outside of you. It’s up to you to whether you listen, or disregard the answers that come. Remember they are coming from a source of pure love, that only has your interests at heart.

Repeat the mantra; ‘I Am One with Divine Love’ until it becomes your truth, as it has become mine.

Give your struggle to Divine Love by repeating: ‘I give my struggle to Divine Love and leave myself free to enjoy the abundance of an ever generous Universe.’

Truly, when you stop struggling, you float in a sea of love, well-being and abundance. What’s not to love?

Photo credits and thanks to Denise Linn

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