How to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 3

abundant joyHow to Free Abundance Money Blocks – 3 is about around the judgements, criticism’s, moaning and comparison’s that hold you back. This includes the word’s, the thought’s and the feelings attached to those judgements.

The problems associated with them do more damage that you can possibly image. So you can see how important it is to free yourself from their limitations.

There’s nothing wrong with being discerning. You see the world as it is, and whilst not always liking, or agreeing with what you see, you live and let live without the need to impose your own views on how it should be.

It’s easy to identify the negative voices. They’re the ones sharing criticism, or ill-favoured opinion’s. It can be just as judgemental to over-ride others views and opinions in the certainty that you’re right, and they’re wrong.

It’s enough to make your head ache isn’t it.

Have you ever been with family, or friends, enjoying time together where you put the world to rights? This can be a two-edged sword. When you’re all in agreement, it’s hard to hear the undertones of the conversation.

I bet you’re so comfortable in each others company, you don’t even notice how much moaning, or complaining goes on. It’s become a way of life where sharing news includes all the negatives attributed to each juicy morsel.

With eager listeners, stories get embellished, and maybe, just maybe, embroidered with what had to be overcome to reach the desired outcome. Ringing any bells yet?

The rest of the group join the discussion, with well placed comments such as, ‘they never did’, or ‘no, how could they’, or ‘how awful for you’. Everyone is part of the action, and before you know it, synchronised negativity is the order of the day.

Add to the mix, the same stories being told to others outside of the original circle, with more opinions, more judgements on offer, and you can see how the echoes of negativity wing their way through people’s sub-consciousness.

Being judgemental has become so ingrained, that people don’t know that’s how they’re responding.

Try a little experiment of your own. Next time you’re with family, or friends, tell them you’re just going to listen as you’re giving your voice a rest. You can always join in after 30 mins, or longer.

Listen to their stories with nothing on your mind. Resist any of the judgements, or opinions, that come into your head. Tell yourself you’ll deal with them later. Go back to being the listener.

Now be honest. Count the times you recognised judgements, in any shape or form, being offered into the mix.

Start with the story-teller. Did they tell the story as a victim who overcome something? Or where they telling about how they were a rescuer who, despite everything, saved the day?

Doesn’t matter which. If you listened carefully you would have heard the indignation of what went on. It may have shown up as moaning. It may have shown up as comparisons. Either way it would have been an ‘I’m right, they’re wrong’ scenario.

And of course, everyone in the group will have their own stories to share. As well as commiserating, they’ll also be views and opinions on all the stories on offer.

Well, what’s wrong with a bit of moaning, groaning and sharing? It’s good to offload now and again isn’t it?

First of all most of it comes with negative connotations. To tell the story well involves acting out negative feelings, as well as speaking with negative words.

Be especially vigilant when others share their negative money stories.

This will most certainly take you down into a low vibrational match. And low vibrations are not the place to attract abundance. Without realising it, you’ve placed yourself into an abundance money block.

Phew. Who’d have thought. Whilst it’s in our nature to be judgemental, it’s not very useful.

So how to get past this block. I’ll be honest. It’s not easy because most of the time, people are coming from their auto responders, learned behaviour from years of practice. It’s so well ingrained that it can be difficult to recognise, especially in oneself.

Try being the listener, rather than the story-teller. Accept what’s being offered at face value without passing judgement. Use phrases such as ‘that must have been hard’, ‘well done for coming through it’ – you get the picture.

Be curious. Ask questions to expand the story. Just don’t pass any opinions on how it could have been done better.

You’re joining in without the need to provide either a solution, or a condemnation of the event. Can you see the difference?

Next, silently send love to them. I use a line from a Reiki poem I wrote. I find it keeps me in tune with who I want to be, rather than the critical, judgmental person trying to get out!

‘From my heart to your heart, I’m sending you Love.’

I repeat it as many times as necessary to keep me in a place of connection to my heart. This in turn keeps me in the high vibration necessary to attract abundance in its many varied forms, of which money is one.

Be the person who shares wonderful stories of what went right. How abundance showed up. How beautiful is the sky, the moon, the sun, flowers, trees – anything you like. Smile at the naysayers who promise it won’t last.

Don’t try to change their mind – that would be judgemental after all.

Slowly, but surely you will begin to loosen, and free another abundance money block.

There’s no going back. It will be life-changing. In a good way.






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