What’s Holding You Back?

What’s holding you back from achieving the success you seem to be forever chasing?  Have you noticed that what you expect to happen to you often does, like a self fulfilling prophecy?  Funny how you can find all the evidence you need to support your expectations to the exclusion of […] Read more »

A tale of two travellers

Today the Cygnus Review magazine dropped through the letterbox.  It’s a company that sells book to feed the soul and assist you to grow.  It started with an article that included the following story from the ancient Greeks which I am sharing with you. Asclepius and the Two Travellers – Asclepius was walking […] Read more »

Build on your wins

Today’s tip is centered on growing any positive results that you’ve already made in your life. Remembering the wins can be hard if you’re in a place where nothing feels good, or you don’t believe you ever had any positive results. Take a moment to find something that brought a […] Read more »